How do I maintain a stripped coat in between grooms?

Purchasing such items such as a furminator and mars coat king/shear magic undercoat rake can help you achieve the desired groom and prevent matting between grooms.  The more undercoat left for the groomer to hand strip, the longer the groom will take resulting in higher cost and your dog having to sit still for longer.

Why does handstripping cost more?

Handstripping is a technique that takes a lot of hands on work by an experienced professional and takes a lot longer than clipping. Handstripping is just that, removing each hair by hand.  Handstripping can last 6-12 weeks between grooms unlike clipping 6-8 weeks. Handstripping starts at $70 for an hour of work.


What is handstripping?

Handstripping is the removal of undercoat of a wire or broken coated dog.  Many Terriers and Spaniels may be handstripped such as the Border Terrier, Affenpinschers,  Cairn Terriers, Fox Terriers, West Highland White Terriers, Jack Russel Terriers, Schnauzers, Wirehaired Pointing Griffons and Bruxellois Griffons. Hand stripping maintains the wire coat of these breeds to keep the show like coat texture and colour.  Clipping these breeds is also fine but will result in a soft downy coat and loss of colour.

Does it hurt? If done from a puppy and not been clipped before, it does not hurt the dog.  These hairs can be easily pulled out.  Naturally, you may notice some darker regrowth where you terrier licks itself, this is the wire coat.



When should I get my new kitten groomed?

We recommend an early introduction to Grooming for your Kitten.  But just because your kitten isnt introduced early doesn’t mean it can’t be groomed.  A Kittens first groom is recommended at 3 to 6 months old.  This would include a bath, blowdry, nail clip, and introduction to the brush/comb and Groomer.  We recommend Grooming monthly until 12 months old, then 6-12 weekly. This helps your Kitten to get use to their Groomer and the water and blowdryer.  We can also show you the correct tools and way to brush/comb your kitten.  Kittens under 6 months receive a discount, just mention your kittens age at the appointment.



When should I get my new puppy groomed?

We recommend an early introduction to Grooming for your Puppy.

A Puppies first groom is recommended at 12-16 weeks old.  This may be a Puppy Clip (leaving a plush coat but easy to maintain) or a Puppy tidy, grooming only the face/ feet/sanitary and nails.  We recommend Grooming monthly until 6 months old, then 6-8 weekly. This helps your Puppy to get use to his Groomer and the process.  We can also show you the correct tools and way to brush/comb your puppy.  Prolonging your puppies first groom for over 4 months can lead to having to de-matt your puppy resulting in a bad first grooming experience that can then lead to the need for sedation.  Keeping your puppy knot free in the first year in important to keep your puppy from being scared of being brushed and can help keep your puppy from behavioural issues during the brushing or bathing process in life.


Will my cats fur grow back after a haircut?

Cats fur may take 10-12 weeks to grow back to full length.  Some cats that are of older age or those with underlying genetic or health issues can take longer to grow back.  It is best to keep combing your cat as it grows.

How do I brush my cat between grooms?

Cats should be brushed and combed twice weekly.  To reduce shedding and knotting your cat should be combed with a metal comb (long hair) or a furminator (short hair), by starting at the back, pushing the hair backwards and combing with the grain, working towards the head. 

Don’t forget the armpits and belly.  Comb the belly by picking up the front legs and standing the cat up. 

Please do not put scissors or clippers to your cat unless shown how to do so by a professinal as you may do more harm then good.

Here is my  blog post about how to brush your cat properly


How do I brush my dog between grooms?

The best tool is a metal comb,  the one with wide teeth helps remove knots, and the closer teeth maintain the coat.
A brush just glides over knots.  If you cannot see the skin when parting the hair there is matting there.

Brushing depends on the length of coat, once the hair gets to 1cm and longer it needs to start being combed daily. Longer parts such as the ears and tail should always be combed.
The best way to comb a dog is to start near the base of the tail pushing the hair towards to head and combing one piece at a time.

I do not dematt hair that it severly matted as it causes paina nd stress for your pet.

The best way to prevent matting is to always comb you dog after getting wet and have a tidy up between grooms as the groomer can brush your dog properly and bath it without it matting.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask, I am here to help you keep your pet knot free and comfortable.

Here is my blog post with information about how to brush your dog properly between grooms


Do you use sedation?

No, I will not use sedation or take on a sedated animals.

It is illegal for a person not a Veterinarian to sedate a cat/dog. 

I try my best to groom all pets without being rough.  I may need to use a muzzle for my own protection.

If I feel your pet is unsafe for me to groom I will call you and your pet will need to be sedated and groomed at a Veterinary clinic.

Please tell me if your dog has a tendency to bite or if your cat bites you.  I will not reject but it saves me from getting bitten by being more careful around your pet.

How do you groom a Cat without sedation?

We have a lot of handling experience in Cat Grooming and handling of cats for Veterinary treatment.  We have also learnt skills from our certificates in Master Cat Grooming.

We use our handling skills, aromatherapy and calm attitude to help your cat thought its groom. I recommend you stay during your cats first groom to keep it calm and relaxed. I have specialised equipment and tools for your cats grooming.

With over 10 years cat grooming experience I will work with you to help you and your cat with your grooming problems.