Cat Grooming- How Often?

I  can clip, bath or brushout excessive undercoat and oils and remove matting with clipping to let the skin breathe and prevent further matting.  Some cats are also clipped in summmer to keep them cool.

Cats that need clipping due to heat can be clipped 2-3 times a year.  the coat is natural insulation so I usually only recommend belly clips for the hot weather.

Clipping to prevent hairballs should be done once every 8-10 weeks. 

Clipping to prevent matting should be done every 8-12 weeks.

Bathing and brush-outs to prevent matting and hairballs  or allergies should be done every 4-8 weeks.

Have any questions?  Don’t be afraid to give me a call, I will let you know what I think you need to do. I can also teach you how to brush your cat properly and which tools to use..

Matting is a result of oils from the skin, dead skin and dead undercoat rubbing together and forming a ball like formation.  It can be prevented by brushing and bathing or dry bathing.  Brushing stimulates the skin to breathe and remove dead skin, oils and undercoat.

Cat Grooming?! Why?

Some cats cannot clean themselves therefore they mat (knot).
Cats naturally express oils in their coat to prevent them getting wet.  In winter a cat builds up a winter coat for insulation.
cats remove their excess oils and undercoat by licking,  this causes hairballs.  Not removing enough oils and undercoat (under grooming) leads to matting and dandruff.
Your cat may not be removing its own undercoat and oils, due to; excessive oils, excessive undercoat, old age, arthritis, being overweight, or being lazy. I can bath and blow-dry most cats to remove excessive oils and make your cat feel like a kitten again. Please do not put scissors to your cat as they cut easily.

Why should I get my dog groomed?

There are many reasons, the groomer is one of the only people in your pets life that looks all over the pet and can notice lumps, grass seeds, ear infections, nail infections, bad skin etc. during a groom . A regular groom keeps your pet feeling and looking comfortable. A matted coat becomes painful and a great place for bacteria and fleas to grow. Nails should be clipped regularly, ears should be cleaned regularly and the skin should be clean and able to breath as it is the biggest organ of the body

How often does my dog need grooming?

That depends on the breed of dog. If your dog is medium to long hair it is recommended that your dog be groomed every 4 to 8 weeks. If your dog is short hair it must be bathed no less than once every month and no more that once a fortnight. For proper upkeep of a long hair coat, to prevent shaving off when matted, a dog should have a tidy up between grooms monthly. As an owner it is your responsibility for all of these important things to be looked after- The nails must be clipped every 2 months, the coat must be washed no more than fortnightly, the anal glands must be expressed every 2-4 months and the ears must be cleaned regulary. If you have a long coated breed you must look after it by combing as often as possible. Shave offs once or twice a year are not fair on your pet and make your pet look and feel different, increasing the risk of injury to the skin. Double coated breeds: Should have a full professional brushout 4 times a year and should have a bath and blowdry to remove excess hair every 4 weeks.