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All Cats are groomed without sedation and with tender loving care. If we believe you cat is too stressed out by the situation we me refer you to a vet for clipping under sedation (minimum fees still apply). Most cats can be clipped and bathed, some are even better with grooming than dogs. We groom compliant cats only. 

Prices can change at any time to Groomers’ discretion. Groom can be stopped at any time with Groomers’ discretion.10418900_10152137472267136_8166949563761622892_n

Cat Grooming is one on one.  Cats are only at the salon for their grooming times, no early drop off or later pick ups past 30mins to reduce stress to the cat.  We recommend you stay for at least your cats first grooming.  Grooming takes approximately 30 mins to an hour.

We will only groom cats with a good temperament and those that cannot be sedated due to medical reasons. Cat appointments are scarce so please book well in advance.  (Mondays and one Saturday a month only)

Cats are unpredictable so if I decide not to groom your cat it is because I can tell your cat is stressed or is going to be aggressive. I need my hands for my career so may muzzle (vet collar) as I deem necessary.

Please bring your cats in separate carriers, as they may become aggressive towards each other post grooming, as they smell and look different.  Cats may be rejected if not in a carrier.

After a cat is clipped you may notice it being unusually affectionate, grooming a cat gives them more time to play and less to groom and sometimes a new lease on life, others may hide for the first day or so, every cat is different.  Multi cat households are recommended to be kept separated for up to 1 night after grooming for their own scent to return.

We do bath and brush-outs and lion clips.  Please note clipping can change your cats coat.


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