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What is handstripping?

Handstripping is the removal of undercoat of a wire or broken coated dog.  Many Terriers and Spaniels may be handstripped such as the Border Terrier, Affenpinschers,  Cairn Terriers, Fox Terriers, West Highland White Terriers, Jack Russel Terriers, Schnauzers, Wirehaired Pointing Griffons and Bruxellois Griffons. Hand stripping maintains the wire coat of these breeds to keep the show like coat texture and colour.  Clipping these breeds is also fine but will result in a soft downy coat and loss of colour.


Does it hurt?

If done from a puppy and not been clipped before, it does not hurt the dog.  These hairs can be easily pulled out.  Naturally, you may notice some darker regrowth where you terrier licks itself, this is the wire coat.

During the handstrip


Why does handstripping cost more?

Handstripping is a technique that takes a lot of hands on work by an experienced professional and takes a lot longer than clipping.  Handstripping can last 8-12 weeks between grooms unlike clipping 6-8 weeks. Handstripping starts at $80 for an hour of work.

How do I maintain a stripped coat in between grooms? 

Purchasing such items such as a furminator and mars coat king/shear magic undercoat rake can help you achieve the desired groom and prevent matting between grooms.  The more undercoat left for the groomer to hand strip, the longer the groom will take resulting in higher cost and your dog having to sit still for longer.


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