Our Stand on ear cleaning

Our stand on ear plucking:
Healthy ears are self cleaning, they should not need more that an external wipe.
Contrary to what has been previously taught, the current advice from veterinary dermatologists is that plucking ear hair can do more harm than good. Rather than prevent ear infections, this procedure can create a greater likelihood of infection by damaging the tender inner ear tissue and allowing a foothold for bacteria to thrive. Pulling the hairs in them opens up the hair follicle allowing these bacteria to enter and start causing problems such as inflammation and discharge.
Our policy: Due to our discussions with Veterinarians in the recommendation of ear health we have the following policy; Cleaning and removal of hair will only be done to the external parts of the ear unless requested by your Veterinarian. Any signs of infection or inflammation; we will not touch the ears unless advised to do so by a Veterinarian.

Avoiding runaway cats!

Sometimes we get cancellations because people cannot find their cats or have let them out and they have not come home.

It is recommended to put your cat/s in a closed laundry or bathroom early morning or the night before the appointment (depending on your cats movements).

Chasing a cat around a house and throwing them into their carrier can also cause stress, so this can also be a good idea for those who like to hide and get into hard to reach places.

Last minute cancellations (less than 24 hours) will incur a cancellation fee in according to our policies of grooming

Thank you

Lexie the Groomer

Avoiding Cat Carrier Stress

Remember a cat will always see a carrier as a negative thing as it always leads to something they don’t enjoy! (unless they are one of our clients that enjoy the grooming).

Here are some tips to try and see it in a more positive light;

  • It is best to keep the cat carrier open and easily available for your cat to walk into and even use as a bed.
  • If your cat gets very stressed, a few random car trips with no negative ending, such as going straight home to a treat may reduce car stress and sickness.
  • The night or morning before depending on the time of your appointment, keep your cat secluded to an area of the Many cats run off and hide before their appointments. Also keeping them away from a hiding spot is recommended. Pushing a cat out from under the bed with a broom is not! This is a bad way to start a groom or vet appointment and can lead to being too stressed for grooming.
  • It is normal for a cat to soil in their carrier on the way to the vet, so please make sure there is something to soak up any mishaps, a towel or bedding they normally use is good.
  • Rescue remedy or a feliway spray can help the journey and grooming too.
  • Always follow a travel in the carrier with a treat or favourite food.

Cat Grooming Winter Special

Did you know Cats can still be groomed in winter?

Cats are double and triple coated and so can still be groomed in winter. In fact, it’s very important for their skin, coat health, and digestive system.  Removal of excess undercoat and dander lets the skin breathe, allowing the bodies biggest organ, the skin, to be healthy.  It also prevents hairballs.
There are many options, if you are not wanting a clip off, there are other options such as a brazillian (belly/sanitary/armpit clip)  Bath & De-shed, or Winter clip.  We also have a Winter Special!
and of course our famous Nail Caps

Winter Teddy Clips

Lengths up to 13mm.  Bath compulsory. Depends on Coat Condition.


Bath, Blowdry and Deshed

Bath and blowdry by hand, full brushout, removal of loose undercoat, dander and excessive oils that cause matting and allergies.


Sanitary, Belly and underarm clip

Have you seen our Winter Special?

Book your Bath, Blow-dry and De-shed through our website contact page in Winter and receive a FREE sanitary clip and winter coat treatment. (must mention when booking)


Winter is Coming!

Winter is coming.

Here at Lexie’s we have made a perfect pamper package to add to your bath to help pamper your pet during the warm months.
We have some great ideas to keep your pets comfortable and help with thunderstorm anxiety.
We have great news about one of our Groomers!

Our new winter warmer package.

Winter is known to dry out the coat and skin.From June we will have our new package available with any bath.  
Facial, cleanses the face and helps remove eye gunk and food matter gently.
Mud Shampoo Deep Cleanses and brightens the skin leaving a light scent.  Hypoallergenic. 
Intensive Coat Treatment- This remarkable deep-penetrating reconstructive conditioning treatment is formulated to restore integrity and health, to dry or damaged hair and skin. 

Winter means thunderstorms.

Pets can be scared of thunder, lightening and just rain.  They are amazing and can hear them a long time before they even come.  
There are a few things you can try to reduce the stress to your pet
Keep your pet inside as soon as you know it is coming or your pet starts showing signs.  Some will do anything to escape, and can hurt themselves and get lost doing so.  Please remember also they can bite if scared so do not force them to go where they do not want to.The highest amount of lost, injured and deceased pets is during and after a thunderstorm.
Stay home if possible during the storm, they need you.  They also need you to keep calm and keep them in a warm calm environment.  
Provide a safe indoor area, like a crate. A plastic crate is preferable, but if you have a wire crate, you can cover it with a sheet to create the feeling of a haven. Leave the door open so the dog does not feel trapped.
Try and drown out the noise with the tv, radio or a fan, keep the lights on so they cannot see the lightening.  Not too loud of course.  Close the windows, blind and curtains.
Try aids such as a thundershirt (uses pressure to calm and reassure your pet) or rescue remedy.  Medication is not usually recommended unless you know very early on as can take a long time to work and hours to wear off. 
Massage and aromatherapy can also be great for your pet (and you), but be careful of what oils to use on pets.Make sure there is nowhere for your pet to escape the yard.  Make sure all fences and gates are stable and will not break in wild weather.
Lots of positive reinforcement. Do not scald your pet for showing signs of fear and anxiety. 


Please remember we recommend to book at least two Dog Grooming appointments in advance for avoid disappointment.  
For those wanting to book the financial year,
we are now booking until December.
Reminder- We are now closed Wednesdays and most Thursdays due to family and educational commitments

Christmas 2016 Newsletter

Important News

Lexie will be back working on Dog Grooming days next year,
but we will be missing Bianca for a little while due to Maternity Leave.

Congratulations Bianca!

From 7th February we will be changing our Grooming days.  
We will be open;
Mondays, One Satursday a month – Cat Grooming only
Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays- Dog Grooming only
Closed Wednesdays and Thursdays (except when public holidays fall Tues/Fri)We are sorry if this causes any inconvenience. 
We highly recommend booking your appointments well in advance.
Please note there is a Price Rise for Dog Grooming from the 1st January 
due to increase in supplies, wages, and amenities 
Please see the signs at the salon or ask your Groomers for your 2017 prices.

It’s time to release our Christmas Packages!

If you would like a package added to your current booking before Christmas just let us know at check in.  Please Note we currently are fully booked until January.  
 If you would like to book in a Groom you may go on our cancellation list.

As with every December all Dogs will receive Christmas Cologne, bandanna or bow, and a treat.  All Cats will receive a Christmas bow-tie.If you would like Christmas Cologne earlier just ask :)
Our Christmas stock is now on display for those who we don’t see until the new year. Limited stock.

Are we up to date?

Please let us know if you would like your email or SMS reminder number changed.  If you do not receive reminder Messages or Emails from us please let us know so we can update our system.  

Thank you.
Lexie, Bianca and Angel the Pet Stylists

Christmas 2015 Newsletter

Merry Christmas

Lexie, Bianca and Angel would like to wish you and your family and Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.
We thank you for having us pamper your pets over 2015.  We hope to see you soon.


We are now closed until 6th January 2016
Please note we prefer SMS and Facebook Message to make booking during this time.
Thank you


Good news!
Lexie will be back grooming cats on Mondays and one Saturday a month from next year.  She is looking forward to coming back and cuddling her clients again.

Spring 2015 Newsletter


We are very booked for Dog and Cat Grooming so currently have a waiting list for appointments.  
Due to this we have temporarily suspended the online booking website.
Please contact us by SMS or use our contact us page to go on the waiting list.

Perth’s first Certified Feline Master Groomer!

At the beginning of September, we sent Bianca to Melbourne to complete her Masters in Cat Grooming under American Groomer, Danelle German.  Bianca passed with flying colours and is Perth’s first CFMG under the National Cat Groomers Institute of America.  (Lexie’s CMCG is through The Cat Grooming School London,a different institution.  We still have the only Certified Cat Groomers in WA)


Lexie and family would like to announce the arrival of their baby boy Xavier, born 10th September 2015.  
Please remember Lexie is on maternity leave until further notice.  Messages and emails may take longer to answer during this time.

Good luck to our Groomer Bianca

This Friday (2nd October)   9am to 12pm Bianca is competing at the Royal Show Dog Grooming Competition outside the dog pavillion.  You are welcome to come watch, we will be there cheering her on.  Good Luck Bianca!

Best In Show

Best In Show!

Congratulations Bianca

On the 14th of June, our Groomer Bianca competed in the Dog Groomers Association of WA’s Scissoring and Creative Grooming Competition.  Bianca groomed Tess in a creative groom and Sophia in an Asian Fusion inspired cut.  Bianca received 2nd Place in Creative Grooming and 1st Place in scissoring class.  She won against Perth and Interstate Groomers to win Best In Show.  
We are very lucky to have such a talented Groomer!

Maternity Leave

Lexie will be on maternity leave from the 1st August.  Please note there are limited places available for Cat and Dog Grooming until then, and there will only be one Dog and Cat Groomer after this date until further notice.

You can book by lexiethegroomer@hotmail.com or SMS

Welcome Joanna

We would like to Welcome Joanna who has joined our team as an assistant Groomer.  Please be welcoming to her as she gets to know you and your pets.  I make sure my staff treat your pet with the most love, care and attention.

*NEW* for Winter only!

Winter Warmer Package- Small Dog $45, Medium Dog $55.  Extra if matted, trimming or brush-out needed.  Dogs only.

November Newsletter

I’m sorry to mention it but…

Christmas is coming!

We don’t have many spots before Christmas left!  Make sure you get in quick before we are full for the holidays.  We have reserved December for existing clients, new clients will be by cancellation.

We have extended our hours, but these are almost gone!

We also are booking for next year so make sure you are booked in for after the silly season too so you don;t forget your pooch or kitty during the heat! :)

All December Dog clients receive a holiday Bandanna or bows and a homemade treat from Pampered Pooch Parties.

All December Cat clients will receive a toy and kitty treat.

We have just received our 2015 Fridge Calender in, make sure you get yours at your next appointment.

We have some fun pamper specials, specialty colognes and holiday pet items for sale from mid November.

Our colognes include candy cane, gingerbread and cinnamon!
Candy cane will be available for sale (limited stock)

Paw Repair

An antibacterial and anti fungal paw sani-scub followed by a sugar paw scrub with essential oils.  After the bath the paw is then massaged with a treatment balm of Shea Butter and organic healing products

Benefits: Helps repair dry/flaking pads. Softens and protects paws/pads.

Usually $12,  Christmas Price $10

Blueberry Facial

Aromatherapy facial and massage done during or without a bath.

Brightens faces naturally. Tearless, tasty and edible! Deep cleansing.

Benefits: helps clean tears stains if used weekly, cleans food stains, whitens the face/head.  Makes close encounters with your pet more delightful!


Teeth Cleaning

Includes fresh toothbrush for every pet, teeth cleaning and assessment
(when pet allows only)

Usually $15, Christmas special $10

Holiday Nail Caps

Kitty Nail caps available in red and green, sparkle and other colours.

$15 front paws,  $25 front and back paws (cats only)

Creative Colouring

Temporary tattoos- Lasts a couple of days $5

Semi-Permanent- Long lasting  $10-15

Ear colouring $10-15

If you would like one of these make sure you let me know when you make your appointment so I can make time for these.

Feather extensions

Put in like hair extension, doesn’t hurt your pet. Non toxic and non running colours. Can be washed just like hair. Limited availability.

$5 each (dogs only)

Email and SMS reminders

Please make sure you update us with your latest email and best mobile number so you receive your reminders the day before your appointment.

We usually send our reminders between 8am and 12pm the day before.

We still require 24hours notice of cancellation so we can fill your place if you decide to cancel or reschedule or a fee may apply.  No show fees apply.

email any updated contact details to Lexie the Groomer at lexie@happysgrooming.com

Christmas Closing

We will be closed for the holidays 24th December until 4th January inclusive

We will still be able to be reached by facebook or SMS for bookings.

We, at Lexie’s Dog and Cat Grooming wish you and your family a safe and wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.

Lexie and Bianca the Groomers.