By booking in your pet, you agree to these conditions;

Before the Groom-
Cancellation of Grooming Appointment / No-Show 24hours notice is required for grooming cancellations/rescheduling so we can fill your appointment.
If less than 24 hours notice, a Cancellation Fee of $75 will be payable before we can book you another appointment. No-show of scheduled appointments will incur a No-show fee of $75, and is payable before another appointment will be booked. **Please note that if you cancel without significant notice or do not show for your appointment, we are still required to pay staff and loss of income for an appointment we could have filled.
Please bring your cat in a carrier lined with a towel. Cats can urinate and defecate during transport; any bathing of cat is added to grooming cost.

Please park in the driveway. (or on the grass of number 19 or 16) Please do not park across our neighbours driveways or limiting our neigbours ability to reverse out of their driveway.
As we run by appointment only please ensure you are on time (if this is your first session please arrive up to 5 minutes early). We are unable to take cats that arrive more than 15 minutes late to appointment, as we are appointment only need to run on time for all clients – the no-show fee will apply or we will only do what we can in the remaining time left.


During the Groom-

We ask that you stay during your cats first groom. The cat will only be with us during the grooming time, as presence of other cats and loud noises when waiting for you, can stress out your cat.

Existing skin conditions can be exposed with de-matting and clipping of your pet.

Cats skin has a higher risk of being cut which increases with age and matting.  Cats also have a high risk of complications during the grooming process, stress even the smallest amount, with underlying undiagnosed conditions can result in illness and even death.  Grooming is at the owners/agents own risk.  Lexie’s Dog & Cat Grooming and its staff hold no liability to the accident, illness, or death of a cat under its watch. Please be aware of this. I do all in my power to avoid this from happening, the best thing you can do is keep your pets health checks and vaccinations up to date and keep grooming regular. All cost associated with Veterinary attention are the pet owners/agent’s responsibility.

The price can change at any time at groomers discretion, coat condition, and time taken.

For cats, I recommend owners stay for the grooming, if you decide to not, there is a chance the cat can react and not be finished, pick up is within one hour.

I designate 30 mins to 1 hour per cat, no more, cats have a low threshold, grooming must be quick and precise.  If your cat needs more than an hour, you may be asked to return another day to complete the groom.  We will not do longer grooms as this extensive stress is dangerous for cats even if they are not showing signs of stress.

Ear Cleaning Policy- Due to our discussions with Veterinarians in the recommendation of ear health we have the following policy; Cleaning and removal of hair will only be done to the external parts of the ear.  Any signs of infection or inflammation, we will not touch the ears unless advised to do so by a Veterinarian.

Teeth Cleaning Policy-  We will only brush teeth and not remove plaque or tartar as advised to do so by the AVA (Australian Veterinary Association)

Flea Control Policy-  Your pet may be sent home with a cleaning fee, if found to have fleas during the grooming session.  All Pets should be on a flea control program, at all times of the year.


After the Groom-

Payment is by cash or EFTPOS on completion of groom.

We recommend re-booking a regular groom to avoid disappointment.

Please note we have a strict regular grooming policy, due to limited timing and striving for a positive grooming experience, and therefore cannot take once a year clients.