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An introduction to grooming at an early age is very important for your pet’s happy grooming life.


We recommend puppy’s are groomed 2 weeks after their second vaccination, or when the Vet says possible health wise.

An introduction to grooming for a puppy includes face trimming, pad and sanitary clipping, warm bath and blowdry on low setting, brush and combing, check of your current tools, and nail clipping.

As an option we can also do a full haircut for their first grooming but dogs generally take better to a gentle introduction at a very early age.

We still recommend you do twice weekly brushing/combing in between. The best way to do this is on a high surface with someone distracting/holding the front end, or a filled kong to keep puppy distracted. The feeling of combing and brushing can be quiet strange for puppies and they may bite as they teeth. Please avoid letting your dog bite your fingers and the brush as this can teach a negative learnt behaviour.

Regular 3-4 weekly grooming will help your dog become an angel on the grooming table for you and your groomer. If your pet becomes naughty or stressed at all, we are open to weekly free grooming desensitisation lessons for some dogs (time and behaviour permitting, bookings essential)

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Kitten Grooming

We recommend kittens have their first bath and blowdry under 6 months of age. We give discounts to kittens that have their first grooming before 6 months of age as we think it is so important.

Kitten grooming can include nail clipping, nail caps, sanitary shaves, or bath and brushing.

Kittens are very noise sensitive and quiet jumpy, so around 4-6 months is ideal. We have you stay for your kittens first grooming so not need to worry about what is happening to your kitty.

A cat can take up to 2 years to get their full shedding coat and go through coat changes, so please don’t think your kittens coat will stay easy to maintain.

Kittens should have 6-12 weekly bath and brushes, especially if longhair and high maintenance such as Persians, maine coons, ragdolls and british longhair.

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