Dog and Cat Grooming with a 1 to 2 hour average turnaround.

We do not like to cage your pet for more than 10 minutes. Your pet will not be stressed.

I am in the same room as your pet at all times so you know your dog or cat is safe.

We have advanced equipment for the young to the elderly/senior pets to be safe.

Our Groomers have the experience and expertise to keep your pet happy and healthy.

We hand wash and hand dry all Dogs AND Cats.  We do not cage dry

Any questions just ask.

  • Clipping, (head, ear, body, legs, sanitary and tail clipping available) for dogs under 18kg.
  • Bathing with Veterinary recommended or medicated shampoo/conditioners.
  • Blow-drying by hand.
  • Brush-outs / Carding/ Stripping/ Removal of dead-coat
  • Nail clipping or/and filing
  • Anal gland expression
  • Tidy ups (Face/feet/bottom)
  • Ear cleaning and plucking
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Puppy Grooming- We specialise in grooming puppies without stress
  • Kitten grooming
  • Cat Washing and Clipping, from lion cuts to bathing and de-shedding,  Brazilian (bum/groin/armpits/knot clipping)
  • Lexie is  a Certified Master Cat Groomer
  • Quality Grooming with a soft touch, no stress, no negative reinforcement.  No Sedation or drugs are given to your pets.  We do not take on sedated or medicated pets.
  • Tender loving care in a home environment. I care for your pet like I do my own

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