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Avoiding Cat Carrier Stress

Remember a cat will always see a carrier as a negative thing as it always leads to something they don’t enjoy! (unless they are one of our clients that enjoy the grooming).

Here are some tips to try and see it in a more positive light;

  • It is best to keep the cat carrier open and easily available for your cat to walk into and even use as a bed.
  • If your cat gets very stressed, a few random car trips with no negative ending, such as going straight home to a treat may reduce car stress and sickness.
  • The night or morning before depending on the time of your appointment, keep your cat secluded to an area of the Many cats run off and hide before their appointments. Also keeping them away from a hiding spot is recommended. Pushing a cat out from under the bed with a broom is not! This is a bad way to start a groom or vet appointment and can lead to being too stressed for grooming.
  • It is normal for a cat to soil in their carrier on the way to the vet, so please make sure there is something to soak up any mishaps, a towel or bedding they normally use is good.
  • Rescue remedy or a feliway spray can help the journey and grooming too.
  • Always follow a travel in the carrier with a treat or favourite food.