Lexie has established Cat Owner mini courses to help Owners to maintain their cat’s coats at home and build a comfortable grooming routine.

Recently Lexie has released Professional courses for those looking into becoming a Cat Groomer, better their skills or add to their resume.

All you need to maintain your cat to prevent matting, reduce shedding and allergies.  Bathing, blowdrying and brushing your cat at home

Teaching you to confidently groom your cat to prevent matting, reduce shedding, the dreaded furballs and allergies. Techniques for cat bathing, blow-drying and brushing your cat at home safely and with less stress and more confidence and calm.

Teaching you to confidently bath cats and knowledge of handling strategies of cat behaviour that you may come across with a calm minimum handling approach.

From recording the history, completing a thorough check in, to rebooking and client retention.

Teaching you to clip the Feline client.

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