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Cat Grooming Winter Special

Did you know Cats can still be groomed in winter?

Cats are double and triple coated and so can still be groomed in winter. In fact, it’s very important for their skin, coat health, and digestive system.  Removal of excess undercoat and dander lets the skin breathe, allowing the bodies biggest organ, the skin, to be healthy.  It also prevents hairballs.
There are many options, if you are not wanting a clip off, there are other options such as a brazillian (belly/sanitary/armpit clip)  Bath & De-shed, or Winter clip.  We also have a Winter Special!
and of course our famous Nail Caps

Winter Teddy Clips

Lengths up to 13mm.  Bath compulsory. Depends on Coat Condition.


Bath, Blowdry and Deshed

Bath and blowdry by hand, full brushout, removal of loose undercoat, dander and excessive oils that cause matting and allergies.


Sanitary, Belly and underarm clip

Have you seen our Winter Special?

Book your Bath, Blow-dry and De-shed through our website contact page in Winter and receive a FREE sanitary clip and winter coat treatment. (must mention when booking)