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Winter Cat Grooming Special

Did you know cats can also be groomed in winter? We can do anything from short to teddy clips (charges and coat permitting)
Avoid the late winter shave! Have a winter bathe!
Warm bath and blow-dry letting the skin breathe and remain healthy.
Cats are double and triple coated and therefor have plenty to protect them from heat and cold.
They are an introduced species and are used to much different climates from us, hence why their undercoat can become a bit much in our climates.
Cats don’t have to be clipped short! Some of our regulars opt for a Brazilian (Under body shave) and a bath and de-shed to keep the coat and skin clean, free from dander, excessive undercoat and oils.
At the end of winter we see a lot of short clips where the summer undercoat was not brushed out and the winter coat has come in, pet owners try to leave it for as long as possible but by august have to go right down to the skin exposing bald spots and dandruff where the coat has been pulling for some time.
We are here to help and avoid any skin and coat issues.

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Book your bath and de-shed through our website contact page in Winter and receive a free sanitary clip and coat treatment. (must mention when booking)