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Cat Grooming FAQ's

All cats are different, some are sensitive to touch, noise, people or even scents. Every cat will react differently to the new environment and stimulants of the grooming salon.

Some ways you can find if a cat can handle stimulants are:

  • If your cat is ok with being handled or picked up.  This is a good sign!
  • If your cat is ok with a Veterinary appointment, those needing medication for Vet treatment will almost certainly require it for grooming.
  • If your cat likes being petted, or, bites, and swipes after a few pats. Handling and touch-sensitive cats may take a bath better. (Clipping is more handling)
  • If your cat is scared of the vacuum (runs and hides or is very stressed) it may be afraid of the dryer (or may be fine!)
  • If your cat bites and wails, for nail clipping alone, it may not do well at the groomer. 
  • If your cat is highly cat reactive (yes, most cats are reactive to new cats, but some are more than others) it may not do well if other grooming cats are around. 



Grooming schedules can differ on:

  • Breed
  • Clipping or bathing and de-shedding
  • environment (indoor, outdoor)
  • health (hairballs, skin conditions)
  • age
  • temperament
  • owner request
  • coat condition at presentation

But to average grooming recommendations:

  • Clipping 10-12 weeks
  • Bathing and de-shedding 4-12 weeks
  • Nail Clipping 8-12 weeks

When we bathe a cat, we do so to remove the excess undercoat, oils, and dander.  These three elements are what cause excessing shedding (moulting) and matting.

When we bathe a cat, blow-dry, and comb them meticulously, we remove the undercoat that is ready to be released, and the coat will no longer come out in clumps.  

For a day or so post a de-shedding, the coat will still shed any static undercoat. 

Nothing will completely stop shedding, but a de-shedding reduces this for 4-8 weeks depending on the cat’s coat and health. 

We can groom most cats depending on temperament and health. 

We clip and wash many first timers over 10 years old, when many cats develop arthritis and excessive oils, helping them with their grooming. It’s never too late to start your cat’s comfortable grooming life. 

We will groom cats from their completion of vaccinations to senior age.