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We recommend an early introduction to Grooming for your Puppy.

A Puppies first groom is recommended at 12-16 weeks old.  This may be a Puppy Clip (leaving a plush coat but easy to maintain) or a Puppy tidy, grooming only the face/ feet/sanitary and nails.  We recommend Grooming monthly until 6 months old, then 6-8 weekly. This helps your Puppy to get use to his Groomer and the process.  We can also show you the correct tools and way to brush/comb your puppy.  Prolonging your puppies first groom for over 4 months can lead to having to de-matt your puppy resulting in a bad first grooming experience that can then lead to the need for sedation.  Keeping your puppy knot free in the first year in important to keep your puppy from being scared of being brushed and can help keep your puppy from behavioural issues during the brushing or bathing process in life.


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