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Please note we have a strict regular Grooming policy. Due to limited availability and striving for a positive Grooming experience, we CANNOT take ONCE-A-YEAR clients.  We can only groom for clients who commit to their cats prevention schedule.

All cats are groomed without sedation and with tender loving care and low-stress handling. If we believe your cat is too stressed out by the situation, we may refer you to a Veterinarian for clipping under sedation (minimum fees still apply). Most cats can be clipped and bathed; some are even better with grooming than dogs. We groom compliant cats and shy cats only, for our staff’s safety.


Cat Grooming is one on one.  Cats are only at the salon for their grooming times, no early drop-off or later pick-ups please as this can add stress to your cat.  We recommend you stay nearby for your cat’s first grooming.  Grooming takes an average of 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.  Cats cannot handle long grooming sessions. We bathe and de-shed or clip (3mm coat length remains for clips).  All full grooming and nail clipping are included.   Please note coat clipping can change your cat’s coat colour and texture, especially after matting and with age/existing health conditions.  

Cat Grooming FAQs

Before the Groom- The Cat Carrier

We will only groom cats with a good temperament, and those that cannot be sedated due to medical reasons. Cat availability is low as we only attend to a regular clientele. (of course, your first grooming appointment is an ‘interview’ for the cat and us, not all cats are comfortable with salon grooming.)

Cats are unpredictable so if we decide not to groom your cat, it is because we assess stress signs and body language, important for stress reduction. We need to think of our safety and longevity so may muzzle (Elizabethan vet collar) as we deem necessary for the safety of the cat and Groomer.


Please bring your cats in separate carriers, as they may become aggressive towards each other post-grooming, as they smell and look different. Cats may be rejected if not in a carrier.

Post Grooming: After a cat is clipped you may notice it being unusually affectionate. Grooming a cat gives them more time to play. less to groom and sometimes a new lease on life, others may hide for the first day or so, every cat is different.  Multi-cat households are recommended to be kept separated for up to 1 night after grooming for their scent to return.

Prices can change at any time to our conditions of grooming.
The groom can be discontinued at any time at Groomer’s discretion.
By booking, you agree to our conditions of grooming.
Cat Grooming
Cat Clipping
All prices depend on coat condition, time required and behaviour. Price and behaviour assessment at Groomers discretion. Matting and large cats may be extra.
Lion Clip /Modified Lion Clip
From $110
Clipping of body leaving around 3mm and legs natural, shaving pads where cat allows. Lion Clip- leaving lion tail and mane. Modified Lion Clip-Leaving tail, trimming around head.
Full Clipping and Bath
From $150
Full Clipping and bathing, blow-dry, nails.
Teddy Bear/Comb Clip
From $160
Full coat trimming 6-16mm, bathing, blow-drying and de-shedding. Bathing/blow-drying assessment appointment required prior to a long groom.
Bathing and Coat De-shedding
Hand washing at least twice with specialty products, nail clipping, blow-drying and de-shedding by combing while drying. Price is based on $100 per hour. Brazilian $30 extra with bathing package. Matting and excessive undercoat extra.
Short Hair
Most Short Haired Cats require 1 hour
Medium to Long hair
Most Medium to Long Hair Cats require 1-1.5 hours
Large Cat/Triple Coated
Most Triple Coated (eg. Maine Coon) and Large Cats over 6kg require 1.5 hours.
Kitten Grooming under 6 months/4kg
From $50 (30mins)
Introductory to grooming session. Most kittens under 4kg require 30 mins to an hour.
Minimum appointment costs may apply.
Nail Clipping
Nail Clipping without any clipping or bathing.
Ear Cleaning
External ear cleaning
Foaming Facial Clean
From $15
Cleaning of eye creases, chin and cheeks with foaming facial and wipes
Sectional Clipping
From $20
Underarms OR Belly OR Chest OR Sanitary OR Small mats
From $60
Clipping of underneath of cat (underarms, belly/ belly/ sanitary and in between)
Pads, ruff, or pants trimming
$15 each


          Matting fees range from $10-60.  Extreme matting will be referred to a Veterinary Clinic as we will not stress or have a cat at risk groomed without being under Veterinary supervision.

Cats with fleas will be charged a Flea Fee and sent home ungroomed. We do not take cats with parasites at our salon as this risks other cats and our own pets. 

Behaviour cats will not be taken without anxiety medication under Veterinary Care.  They may be charged extra if extra care is needed. They may be sent home if stressed or deemed a risk to staff or themselves.



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