Our Salon

Clipping, scissoring, breed, winter and summer trims, bathing, blow-drying, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, brush outs, cat grooming, spa services, creative grooming.

We hand wash and hand blow-dry all of our Dog and Cat clients!  No cage drying.

All grooms are 1-2 hour turn around, we do not hold pets for long periods.

We groom cats while you wait.

We run from a home Salon in Beeliar

Open by Appointment Only

Currently open Monday Tuesday Wednesday, rotating Fridays and Saturdays by Appointment only.

Please see our policies before booking an appointment.


Meet The Groomers

Lexie The Pet Stylist and Master Cat Groomer:

I was accepted into Certificate 3 in Companion Animal Studies in 2005 and started a grooming traineeship at Melville Vet in April 2005. I then moved to a  Grooming Parlour and continued the training. I completed a certificate in Pet Grooming in November 2005. I then groomed full time until 2007 where I started Certificate 4 in Vet Nursing. I started grooming cats unsedated when I did my first, and loved it! I then Moved to Glen Iris Vet clinic to continue my Nursing training and completed my certificate. At this time in November 2007 I started Happy’s Grooming, where I later changed my name to Lexie’s Dog and Cat Grooming, due to another grooming parlour named Happy Dog Grooming. I found my dogs were much happier going home as soon as they were finished and most walk into my salon without being asked! I also have purchased much more safety equipment to keep your pet safe while grooming. I then in 2010 completed my Nursing Qualification. I have become a Vet Nurse to compliment my grooming and help the clientele with their health/grooming advice.

I now hold:

  • Certificate 3 in Companion Animal Studies (Bentley Tafe)
  • Certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing (Applied Vocational Training)
  • Certificate 4 in Pet Styling (TAFE SA)
  • Master Cat Groomer Certificate (London Cat Grooming School)

In 2020 I launched Cat Grooming Education with Lexie which has become a successful online grooming school.

My Grooming Goals:

To become the best Groomer I can be and give my clients the best service possible. I am always advancing my Grooming skills with courses, new equipment and advice from other groomers.

Bianca The Pet Stylist and Certified Feline Master Groomer:

Bianca has been grooming for over 2 years and started at Lexie’s Dog and Cat Grooming in September 2013.  Bianca has learnt the art of Feline Grooming under Lexie’s supervision and has learnt Lexie’s grooming preferences and has set high standards to groom your pooch! Bianca has a cat, Spyiiro, 2 dogs, Shirley and Jackie, and regularly fosters cats through Cat Haven.

In 2014 Bianca competed in a Creative Grooming competition where she received 2nd Place, and an Asian fusion competition where she received 3rd Place in Perth at the Dog Groomers Association of WA  April workshop.

Bianca received Second Place in Terriers Open with Ollie the Miniature Schnauzer.

In 2015 Bianca won Best In Show at the Dog Groomer’s Association of Western Australia’s Competition in the Scissor Category with Sophia the Poodle and received second Place in Salon Freestyle with Sophia the Poodle.

In 2015 Bianca completed her National Certified Master Feline Groomer Certificate with the NCGIA.

In 2016 Bianca won Second Place in Terriers and More Open at AusGroom Perth.

Bianca now owns and runs Check Meowt Cat Grooming a Cat exclusive salon North of Perth.

Emily the Certified Pet Groomer:

My mum and dad have always worked and been involved in the veterinary industry and animal care/ husbandry, so from a very young age my second home was growing up in clinic and being exposed to everything animals and from this I have a strong knowledge and understanding in animal heath care and husbandry.   I wanted to become a dog groomer is obviously because I love dogs,  but I enjoy creating a bond with them and their family, making your doggies feel comfortable, feeling good about themselves, providing high quality grooms and low stress handing. 

Qualifications and experience:  I started my Working with animals certificate in high school which is a recognised training completed and run by the RSPCA in Malaga.

I currently hold;

Certificate II in leadership with animal studies focus

Certificate II in animal studies

Certificate III in companion animal services

Certificate III in Pet Grooming.

Over 700 hours in vet clinic experience

7 years spent in the pet industry at different pet shop locations and companies across Perth.

Current member of the Dog Groomers Association of WA

Novice 1st Place Salon Freestyle at the Perth Pet Expo 2019 Grooming Competition