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Our Stand on ear cleaning

Our stand on ear plucking:
Healthy ears are self cleaning, they should not need more that an external wipe.
Contrary to what has been previously taught, the current advice from veterinary dermatologists is that plucking ear hair can do more harm than good. Rather than prevent ear infections, this procedure can create a greater likelihood of infection by damaging the tender inner ear tissue and allowing a foothold for bacteria to thrive. Pulling the hairs in them opens up the hair follicle allowing these bacteria to enter and start causing problems such as inflammation and discharge.
Our policy: Due to our discussions with Veterinarians in the recommendation of ear health we have the following policy; Cleaning and removal of hair will only be done to the external parts of the ear unless requested by your Veterinarian. Any signs of infection or inflammation; we will not touch the ears unless advised to do so by a Veterinarian.