The Busy Groomer’s Flairasol Combo


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In this combo deal you get the unique Flairasol bottle the holds up to 300mL of ready made hypKNOTic as well as a 500mL refill bottle of hypKNOTic Concentrate. This will make 30 bottles!

Just meaure 15mL (1Tbsp) of hypKNOTic Concentrate and fill with water to create a continuous fine mist without the noise or waste of aerosol cans!

HypKNOTic is the latest innovation in grooming products and the newest addition to your Secret Weapon aresenal. This ultimate product for a tangle free, shiny and well protected coat.

HypKNOTic comes in 3 varieties: No Scent; if you aren’t a fan of strong smells; Peppermint to deoderise and refresh a coat or Lavender to calm and relax you and your pet.

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