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Grooming by a Certified Feline Master Groomer, The first in WA! The only Certified Feline Groomers in WA.


Over 14 years experience in Cat Grooming without sedation or any restraints.

Just knowledge and patience.  Safe for your cat and the groomer.  We encourage you to stay during the Cat Grooming  process to see us in action and calm your kitty.

Most cats are fine with clipping and bathing.  We take approximately 30 mins to an hour as most cats have a threshold.


We can do full lion clips, belly/bum or underarm clips, bath blow-dry and brush-outs, nail cap application.

If your cat is shedding, getting hairballs, got skin allergies, causing allergies in the family, scratching the furniture or is matting, we can help!

Bathing and brush-outs remove excess oils and undercoat by degreasing and using a force dryer.  Clipping helps remove matting and prevent matting.

We hand wash, clip, and blow-dry all cats and dogs with as little force as possible.

Please note all Cat Grooming comes with risk to the groomer and the pet.  Please see our Cat Grooming Policies before making an appointment.


The Catty shack Vac

Currently the first and only in WA!  A containment drying system that eliminates the loose hair while you dry, de-tangle, and de-shed the cat.

The Catty Shack Vac creates a cleaner grooming environment during the drying and de-tangling process. It also creates a safer environment for both the pet and the groomer.

A vacuum cleans the air while a dryer dries the cats coat to the skin while eliminating dead coat and dander.  Cats feel much safer in the Catty Shack Vac then outside.  Made of Perspex so safe.  We use a happy hoodie (open sock) to keep your pet from hearing the dryer.


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