HypKNOTic detangle spray is the latest innovative detangle product in the Secret Weapon armoury formulated to help you deal with and remove knots and matts painlessly from your pets coat.

Fortified with Argan oil, Camellia seed oil, Sweet almond oil and water soluble silicone HypKNOTic rehydrates and nourishes the coat whilst simply helping matts to  slide straight out.

Here at Secret Weapon our priority is producing top quality products that work and make the job of grooming easier than ever before.

All of our products are 100% Human grade which means only the best ingredients are used to promote optimum skin and coat health.

HypKNOTic hypoallergenic detangle spray is anti-static and contains ‘water soluble silicone’  meaning that no matter how often you use it there is no sticky build up in the coat and at the very next bath HypKNOTic will wash straight out so every application is just like the first.

HypKNOTic is available Fragrance Free or infused with therapeutic essential oils.

The newest hypoallergenic detangling spray that dematts, desheds, shortens drying time, adds shine and volume to a coat; makes grooming easier.


  • coconut oil
  • dimethicone (water soluble silicone)
  • argan oil
  • sweet almond oil
  • camellia oleifera seed oil
  • vitamin E and B5
  • water
    Available in Lavender, Mint and Unscented.

– Suitable for dogs, cats, horses, owners and groomers with sensitive skin.
– Coats hair with water soluble silicone, oils and vitamins which hydrate and nourish while allowing matts and dead hair to slide out. It is also an anti-static. 
– Spray on hair between baths during general grooming or use after the bath. Use as often as needed, there is no sticky build up and it washes out next bath.
– Pain free dematting and dead hair removal for your pet. Spray on a wet or dry coat and clippers will glide through with ease meaning less wear on equipment.
– Spray all over the pets coat for deshedding and dematting. Spray remaining matts and use a HV dryer, comb or brush to remove.