Works best as a natural conditioning shampoo additive but it can also be used as a spray that de-matts, de-sheds, shortens drying time, fluffs the coat and adds volume; makes grooming easier. 

Ingredients:  coconut oil, macadamia oil, avocado oil, keratin, salt, water

  • Dematt
  • Detangle
  • Deshed
  • Anti-static
  •  Saves Time
  • Add Shine and Volume
  • Reduces Drying Time and wear on grooming equipment and groomers!
  • Makes Grooming Easier

Secret Weapon is a concentrate conditioning product made entirely from natural ingredients Coconut, Macadamia and Avocado oils plus Keratin and salt are what fortifies this revolutionary grooming product.  

The oils are bonded to the keratin and taken into the hair shaft therefore working from the inside of each hair.

Why is it pink? Partly caramelisation of the coconut and partly the salt content – Himalayan Pink Rock Salt which contains around 84 trace elements and minerals and is said to provide various health benefits.

The production process is a closely guarded secret, all we can tell you is that it involves heat!

Designed primarily as a conditioning shampoo additive Secret Weapon works alongside your shampoos meaning one less step in the grooming process – no after bath conditioning. Dosage of 12.5ml (xtra super) or 25ml (super) is recommended with a regular shampoo dilution rate of 10-1 or 20 -1,   higher dilution shampoos of 30-1 or more will require a larger dose of Secret Weapon to be added.

Alternatively you can make Secret Weapon up to the Ready to Use solution as stated on all labels, then add it in 100ml doses to your neat grooming shampoos.

How does it work with the coat?

Keratin is a naturally occurring protein which is present in the skin, nails and hair of every living creature, if you think of the skin, nails and hair as a solid structure – like a building, armour or carbon fibre which are all built for toughness and protection.  Keratin is the main component in all three and is the building blocks of the hair which is 95% Keratin.

Each strand of hair consists of three layers.

The innermost layer or Medulla.

The Middle layer is the Cortex which provides strength, colour and texture of hair. And the outer layer the Cuticle is made of dead cells that overlap each other in several layers.  

The condition of the cuticle plays a part in the appearance of the hair. If the dead cells lay too closely together (compact) then the hair looks and feels dull and brittle. If the cells are evenly spaced but still close together (normal) the hair looks shiny and healthy.  However, if they lift up (open cuticles) the hair appears dull, dry, and tangles easily.

The oils and Keratin used in Secret Weapon are taken into the hair shaft feeding and moisturising, whilst hydrating each hair from the inside which gives it volume. (Think of those skinny balloons you make animals with, when you blow them up they increase in volume and straighten out.)

So… as the hair is hydrated the scales or cells on each strand lay down flat. Any loose hairs slides out of the coat, tangles loosen and becomes easier to work out of the coat.

Silicone based products work in a very different way by flattening the scales or cells, coating the hair and weighing it down – like putting a plastic bag over each hair.

A Groomers (and Dog show)  Secret Weapon in de-matting, de-shedding, and faster drying.  It can be used as a shampoo additive or as a spray for direct de-matting of large knots.  Used worldwide from the household pet to Best in show