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Winter is Coming!

Winter is coming.

Here at Lexie’s we have made a perfect pamper package to add to your bath to help pamper your pet during the warm months.
We have some great ideas to keep your pets comfortable and help with thunderstorm anxiety.
We have great news about one of our Groomers!

Our new winter warmer package.

Winter is known to dry out the coat and skin.From June we will have our new package available with any bath.  
Facial, cleanses the face and helps remove eye gunk and food matter gently.
Mud Shampoo Deep Cleanses and brightens the skin leaving a light scent.  Hypoallergenic. 
Intensive Coat Treatment- This remarkable deep-penetrating reconstructive conditioning treatment is formulated to restore integrity and health, to dry or damaged hair and skin. 

Winter means thunderstorms.

Pets can be scared of thunder, lightening and just rain.  They are amazing and can hear them a long time before they even come.  
There are a few things you can try to reduce the stress to your pet
Keep your pet inside as soon as you know it is coming or your pet starts showing signs.  Some will do anything to escape, and can hurt themselves and get lost doing so.  Please remember also they can bite if scared so do not force them to go where they do not want to.The highest amount of lost, injured and deceased pets is during and after a thunderstorm.
Stay home if possible during the storm, they need you.  They also need you to keep calm and keep them in a warm calm environment.  
Provide a safe indoor area, like a crate. A plastic crate is preferable, but if you have a wire crate, you can cover it with a sheet to create the feeling of a haven. Leave the door open so the dog does not feel trapped.
Try and drown out the noise with the tv, radio or a fan, keep the lights on so they cannot see the lightening.  Not too loud of course.  Close the windows, blind and curtains.
Try aids such as a thundershirt (uses pressure to calm and reassure your pet) or rescue remedy.  Medication is not usually recommended unless you know very early on as can take a long time to work and hours to wear off. 
Massage and aromatherapy can also be great for your pet (and you), but be careful of what oils to use on pets.Make sure there is nowhere for your pet to escape the yard.  Make sure all fences and gates are stable and will not break in wild weather.
Lots of positive reinforcement. Do not scald your pet for showing signs of fear and anxiety. 


Please remember we recommend to book at least two Dog Grooming appointments in advance for avoid disappointment.  
For those wanting to book the financial year,
we are now booking until December.
Reminder- We are now closed Wednesdays and most Thursdays due to family and educational commitments