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Dog Grooming under 18kg only

All Dog Grooms are done with tender loving care without sedation.

Prices may change due to coat condition, breed clips, time taken and size of pet. Prices can change at any time to groomers discretion.


Full Grooming Package

Full Groom Package (Recommended every 6-8 weeks)- Shampoo twice with quality, individually chosen, natural shampoo and conditioner, Blow-dry by hand, Full Body Trim all over length and scissoring to tidy of feet/legs/ face and eyes. Trimming of ears/tail. Complimentary Nail clip and file*, ear clean where needed, Anal Gland Expression, Shaving of sanitary area Clipping of pads, Cologne and Leave in conditioning treatment. Price from.... (sizes are a RUFF guide)
Small dog (1-8kg) $75
Medium dog (8-16kg) $85

Mini Pamper Package (Tidy up)

(Every 2- 4 weeks) Includes Face, feet, bum, ears, feathers and tail Trimmed/scissored No length off body/legs/head/ Brushing out of undercoat, de-matting extra Cologne and Coat leave in treatment. Bath and Blowdry. Nails clipped Anal Glands expressed Ears Cleaned.
Small Dog $55
Medium Dog $60

Extra pamper options

Extras purchased separately
Pawdicure- Nail Clip $15-20
Hair of the Dog- Ears Cleaned $10
Downward Facing Dog- Anal Glands Expressed externally $20
Canine Devine- Teeth Brushed and Assessed $15+
Flea Free Me (Fleas present) Please note your dog may be rejected with more than a few fleas $10+ extra

Deshed/Brush Out

(Every 2-6 weeks) Brush-out of dead coat in double coated breeds such as Cavaliers, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Shetland Sheepdog, Border Collie,  etc.  De-shedding/ malting hair, excess fur removal.  This excludes Clipping of body or any matt removal. Dogs under 25kg only. Price depends on time taken and amount brushed out. Bath and Blowout of undercoat. Feathers/Pants/furnishings Trimmed and scissored Nails Clipped Please note this may take hours on a dog that is not groomed often or is in shedding season. Starting prices only
Small Dog (to 8kg) eg Pomeranan $75
Medium Dog (8-16kg) eg Sheltie $85
Large Dog (16-25kg) eg Border Collie $95

Full Body Scissor

All over scissoring of coat. Coat can be left longer but cannot be matted for this. Includes a bath and blow-dry. Price depends on time taken to groom.
Scissoring per hour $70

Very Berry Bright Facial

Aromatherapy facial and massage done during or without a bath. Brightens faces naturally. Tearless, tasty and edible! Deep cleansing. Benefits: helps clean tears stains if used weekly, cleans food stains, whitens the face/head.
Blueberry Facial $5.00


Breeds that may be stripped- West Highland White Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Bruxellois Griffons, Border Terriers, Schnauzers, Australian Terriers, Affenpinscher, Wirehaired Dachshund, Chihuahua, Welsh Terrier, Fox Terrier, Lakeland Terrier, and some Terrier Mixes. (Dogs under 10kg only) This is priced on amount of work and time needed to complete.
From $90

Paw Repair

An antibacterial and antifungal paw sani-scub followed by a sugar paw scrub with essential oils.  After the bath the paw is then massaged with a treatment balm of Shea Butter and organic healing products Benefits: Helps repair dry/flaking pads. Softens and protects paws/pads
Paw repair $12

Mud Masque Wrap

A premium conditioning mud shampoo and massage. Price depends on size of pet. (bath not included in price) Benefits: helps treat sensitive and dry skin. Exfoliates gently to help remove and prevent dandruff. Deep cleansing and moisturising.  
Mud Wrap $5+

Sea Salt Scrub

Add an antidandruff salt scrub to your grooming to help remove dead skin and promote healthy skin and coat.
Small Dog- Medium Dog $10

Short Haired Dogs

Short Haired Dogs Options
Bath Only Small $20+ each
Bath only Medium-Large $25+ each
Nail Clip $15-20
Ear Clean $10
Teeth Clean $15
The Works! Deshed, Bath, Blowdry, Nails, Ears $45+

Creative Grooming

Price depends on time and product needed
per section $10
feather extensions $5

Winter Warmer Package (winter only) N/A

Warm Mud Shampoo and Condition, Bath and Blow-dry Tidy of face feet, ears and tail. Sanitary Clip Nail clip, ear clean, glands expressed Berry Bright Facial and Massage Fresh Breath Foam Bow or Bandanna *Excludes clipping of body and legs, de-matting and de-sheds
With any Full Grooming Package $10

Puppy Grooming Introduction

Introduction to Grooming for your Puppy. A Puppies first groom is recommended at 12-16 weeks old.  This may be a Puppy Clip (leaving a plush coat but easy to maintain) or a Puppy tidy, grooming only the face/ feet/sanitary and nails.  We recommend Grooming monthly until 6 months old, then 6-8 weekly. This helps your Puppy to get use to his Groomer and the process.  We can also show you the correct tools and way to brush/comb your puppy.
Puppy Cut from $75
Puppy Bath and Grooming introduction from $55

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